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Mountain Tip Experiences

Some mountains are just breathtakingly beautiful. Other mountains are daunting and scary. Being a very neat and tidy person, I began to get a little overwhelmed as a young mother when my children were multiplying as well as my dishes and laundry at a very rapid rate. Sometimes it seemed that all my days and time consisted of was tackling the overwhelming mountains of dishes and laundry.   Now, a mother of sixteen, I have head a few years of climbing experiences to the top of those mountains as well as God strengthening me to move those mountains by His grace and wisdom. These two areas are ones many moms struggle with, and I would like to share some “tips” that have helped me “top” those mountains and see brighter days.   DISHES: Most of the time we have not had a dishwasher. But even as we do have one now, we choose not to use it most of the time. 1) it takes much more time to wash, and 2) it can take even longer to dry. Drain boards are my best dish friends. 1.      I hav
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It's Not a Joke! What the Resurrection means for me

With what is commonly know as “April fool’s day” having just passed, the powerful assurance of the Resurrection strikes my heart even more so as we quickly approach what our family has come to call Resurrection Day. I once heard a preacher comment on April fool’s day saying, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1) But, my friend, I’m telling you, there is a God in heaven just as surely as there are rocks outside!   The story of God coming down to earth as a little baby to grow up in the home of a lowly carpenter’s family, whose feet would collect the dust of the streets in his home country of Israel, Whose voice would be heard with carnal ears, Whose garments would be sought after by dirty hands, and Whose miracles would be beheld with unbelieving eyes…is a story that seems too good to be true. God became Man? Yes!   And this same God, who spoke the worlds into existence, has given us enough evidence to make belief in Him a most reasonable thing, but ha

Oh! What a Morning!

  I watched the sunrise from my bedroom window, an amazing and beautiful lightning storm upon a pink and orange backdrop with billowing, clouds hung in the Sky. While watching the amazing display put on by my   Creator, I rejoiced as I read Luke's account of my Savior’s resurrection! The lightning flashed the thunder roared He’s still in control this Easter morn’! The empty tomb stands there to prove that the power of death couldn't keep my Lord. The gates of hell did not prevail this King of Kings — the Lord Supreme. He it is who's risen indeed, transactions done, the victories won. The temple veil no longer separates but now beckons us unto that holy place for his blood has paid for our redemption. And there he stands, Himself, the Redeemer and High Priest calling out to all who may look to him and you'll be saved; our propitiation and Interceder: Jesus Christ God's own precious Son! now we look for His great return but until then repent from your sin leave your b

Who in the world are you? (Your Identity in Christ)

 By Christina Right now, take a moment and think of the top three things that you personally think you are identified as. And no reading further until you have come up with these three things! (I had to say that because I know what kind of person I naturally am😉.), list the top three things other people usually tell you that you are. Do you feel like the two brief lists are similar? In what ways? How do you see them differ? Do you feel confident in this identity? Or perhaps, you might honestly feel insecure and rather useless because of the contemplative answers...? As I was doing a little study for a ladies’ fellowship time, I was emphatically struck with something that I hadn’t noticed before in a rather common biblical account. In fact, my Oxford KJV Bible’s study notes helped to greatly highlight it (’ve gotta love a wholesome study Bible with the Scofield Study System👍)! Ruth. Who was she? Who did she see herself identified as? Who did others perceive her to be

Resurrection! A Time to Celebrate

By Mrs. Linzey   Resurrection time is the greatest celebration a Christian can commemorate. Christmas is that beautiful time of recognizing our Savior’s birth. Yet the Christmas season is not complete without looking forward to the victory of our Lord and Savior over sin, death, and the grave, which is celebrated on Resurrection Day (Easter).   Several years ago we recognized that our culture has hardly celebrated Resurrection time in its true sense and we as a family desired to have that time set aside as one of greater importance than we had before. So we set out to change some things in our own family traditions, and added some things as well.   Decoration Since Resurrection often falls either at the end of March or beginning of April nowadays, we take the month of March to intentionally enjoy wonderful music and a choral build-up to a Resurrection Cantata. We usually have a missions focus by placing different missionary cards on display as a reminder to pray for the l

The Power of an Example

By Anna “Anna, I need your help.. (Sigh)” I heard my little sister tiredly exclaim to me as I passed by her desk in the living room. I glanced over her shoulder and saw that she was working on a colorful math page. (I love it when schoolwork looks appealing!) “What do you need help with?” I inquired. She silently pointed to an assignment involving creating her own multiplication and division equations with provided digits typed above the blank boxes.  Quickly, I thought of how I should try to re-explain the written instructions, but then I realized that too many words would bore her already tired mind and weigh it into a daze. “How can I best get this concept across in the easiest form for her to comprehend and execute with ease right now?” and the answer came speedily: work a similar exemplary equation and let her watch and hear my mental thought process.  I chose different digits to work from, then copied the format of her little page onto a blank sheet of notebook paper. Without s

In the Fullness of Time...

by Anna   The fullness of time... What a concept! Sometimes I have wondered about the magnitude of that statement in Galatians 4:4 when Paul, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, described the timing of Jesus' entering into this world ~ to enter into our world, and manifest Himself as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Life. Time. We often feel that there is never enough of either one. But God, in His sovereignty, has placed the universe in which we live into the fragile and limited confinements of both life and time. Not only is the conscious recognition of life and time a continual reminder that we are not as big as we think we are. They both are also amazing gifts that each and every one of us have been gifted with; to use, to invest and to develop so that we can learn, grow and equip ourselves for the purpose of glorifying God and bringing honor to His name. Time has passed since our last post, and life has swiftly traveled right along side the passing of time. Many mem