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Friday, May 24, 2013

Pray for Moore, OK

I know most of you if not all have been observing the news from the Moore tornado, but here are some pictures from Ron, Josiah and Laura today when they went down there as volunteers. Laura is here beside me as I write this post to help with the explanations of the portraits. Of course, they will not capture the ultimate effect of the devastation, but I have tried to choose the ones that would give the best idea. Please pray for these people who lost everything as well as the ones who are trying to be of help in getting this city back to normality as best as possible.

 A view from the church bus near the entrance of one of the stricken areas

One of the houses that still had a standing closet!

These people probably never thought that they would need an out house placed in their front yard.

 A view of a part of Brierwood Elementary school


Free meals being passed out to the residents and volunteers.

One of the homes of lesser destruction

Part of Plaza Towers elementary school

One of the many news reports that are being taken concerning the survivors and volunteer workers

This car was parked inside this garage that is now nonexistent! Hardly a scratch was seen on the sides of it!

This little football image was balanced on the top of the hood of this vehicle in the midst of chaos during the tornado. 

   A piece of sheetrock was shoved onto the branches of this tree. You can tell which way the wind was blowing...

Part of a hospital that was affected by the storm as well as this poor billboard.

The remains of what used to be a gas station.

It is a long process ahead for the residents of Moore, OK. There are hundreds of volunteer groups going to help with the clean up and restoration of this city. There were about 10 families from our Church who lost their homes last Monday, but it is so good and encouraging to see the body of Christ come together in behalf of these Church family members seeking to be of aid and encouragement through prayer, emotional support and physical action. Continue keeping the people in this area of OKC in your prayers!

 ~ Anna*

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  1. Anna, thank you so much for this personal update on the tornado and its effects. I have been concerned for the families from Southwest who have suffered loss and damage from the storm. Would you please email me the names of the families who lost their homes so my family and I can be in prayer for them?

    I send everyone hugs from Alaska! :)