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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Red Rock Canyon

Well, We thought it was going to be Roman Nose, but due to getting a little later of a start because of a tree job it turned out to be Red Rock Canyon :) We invited another family to join us, which they joyfully did, and we all had a great time together. Friday started off with packing and getting ready for the anticipated camping trip, along with a delicious salad lunch, while Elisabeth, Charity and I ran the errands before the trip.

Someone had given us two boxes of ready to make salads for retail, so Mama and the girls enjoyed putting them together for lunch for everyone.

Joanna at the serving desk 
The girls played restaurant while they passed out the ready-made, hand-packaged salads.
 Our friend Rachel handing Sarah her salad over the counter :)

 Joanna and Rachel's older sister, Naomi, were an excellent "behind the scenes" kitchen team!

 Quite the awesome looking salad there!

 And Home-made, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Specially made from scratch by Charity was the prized dessert :)

A hungry, eager Joshua ready to eat, or fight anyone who would dare to snatch his lunch away…

 The restaurant crew (supervised by Mama) did a fabulous job!

 Josiah… His opinion?

Thumbs Up! 

 Mrs. Linzey enjoying the fresh air out on the patio, and Carolyn savoring her cookie!

After Papa got off work I took a crew to meet him for a tree job that needed to be accomplished before we could leave for the camping trip. 

 Getting oriented with what to do and how to do it. Papa did a great job giving clear instructions for safety and efficiency.  

 Caleb ready for work!

 Papa using his "butter knife"

 Josiah was a great help and a huge encouragement to the younger guys quickly following in his footsteps! All the men folk did a marvelous job working together as a team!

 Me :) I didn't stand there the whole time! But I was watching the youngsters playing in the pile beside the street curb… just making sure :)

 Josiah, a very proficient ax handler!

 Joshua, right behind his big brother!

 Caleb, learning what it feels like. He'll be there before too long!

 Aha, he finally made it, and this is what he cut loose...
 Good job, Josiah!

 Joseph, a little man who is looking forward to being just like his Papa

 Father/Son team working together. Go, Papa and Josiah, you can do it!

 Hurray!!! A job well done and finished! Next?

We came back home, loaded the vehicles up and headed out for the long awaited camping trip.

 On the road again

 We arrived just before dark and hurried to set up camp while we still had a little bit of daylight left
The guys got the camp fire going while the rest of us unloaded and set the tents up

 Laura helping to set the kitchen tent up

We had a good circle time close by the campfire eating roasted hotdogs and s'mores, then Papa lead our campfire devotion before we all headed off to our individual tents for a good night of restful sleep.

The next Morning...
 Carolyn, Not too sure she wanted to be out of bed quite yet…
(The butterfly bandaids on her eyebrow were caused by a bike accident the day before, but thankfully it was not extremely bad. Hopefully just a lesson to stay out of the way of the bicyclists on the sidewalk…)

Ah, yes, allergies got the better of me, but hopefully I'll remember my allergy pills next time! Such is life in the spring season around this area… 

 Our official kitchen coordinator! Elisabeth did a magnificent job of managing all the meals and keeping the kitchen in working condition and order!

 We did happen to have a self-imposing, night time visitor, namely a raccoon, who volunteeringly helped himself to our breakfast biscuits :(      
 That little rascal managed to refrain from using the entry door, and decided to make is presence known in more than one way by tearing a good size hole in the side screen wall of the kitchen tent!
 But Sarah and Carolyn thought it was a perfect window to peak out of!

 The two souvenirs (holes) the raccoon very generously donated to our stay :)

 Joseph in Papa's tent trying to pretend like he's still sleeping :)

 Caleb meeting the morning sun!

 Josiah and Joshua were great about starting the fire for breakfast. Thanks Guys!

 In the kitchen tent getting breakfast. Mmmm!

 Josiah, Joshua and Caleb H. enjoying biscuits and gravy, eggs and peaches :)
 Enjoying the cool, overcast morning

We had effectively seven tents set up:

The guest tent

 Our campsite from a far away shot

The three boys' tents
Far left: Josiah's 2 man hiking tent (Caleb slept with him)
Middle: Papa's 2 man hiking tent (Joseph slept with him)
Right: Joshua's tent (Joshua had the most room of all of us, he had this tent all to himself :)

The two Girl's tents

After breakfast the guys gathered for a whittling lesson while the girls cleaned up breakfast, and had some relaxing time before breaking camp

 Papa was a great teacher!

 Two very attentive young men
Caleb (left) and Joseph (right)

 Josiah (left) and Joshua (right) 

 Me doing some last minute reading before all the way packing up :)

 Our friend, Naomi, and Laura

 Fun times exploring and seeing what can be done!

 Laura collected a whole bunch of lady bugs and the little ones loved watching and playing with them 

 Time to sweep and pack the tents up now

 Someone found this pretty, red wolf spider! Didn't know they came in different colors!

Now for the Hike!

Charity and her well prepared walking stick :)

Laura and Carolyn

Anna and Daniel


And the crew sets out…

Joshua at his post of blocking traffic

Caleb H. at his post in the other lane

the maps of "Rough Horsetrail"

We all crossed several small bridges, but this particular bridge was especially rickety and our tour guide made the call that one person at a time could cross this one

Charity endeavoring to keep her balance while Papa "made sure she understood to be careful…" :)

Josiah on the other hand was attempted to be bounced off, and of course, as good sons always do, he went right along with it :)

Back on the trail

Carolyn coming around a sideways growing tree on a hill

Yea! She made it (with the help of big sister Laura :)

Our wonderful tour guide was great! Thank you Papa for making the hike so interesting and fun!

And, of course, you can't ever forget the "caboose" of the clan! He was good, too :)

The whole school group, indian tribe, family and friends clan,
whatever you want to call it :)

Papa, Caleb H., and, yep, there he is: Joshua peeking around the tree

The majority of the group climbed further up the mountain (ok, the hill, for you westerners :) and had a grand time looking over the countryside

A view of part of what they saw

Daniel thoroughly enjoying being OUT of the front pouch for a bit :)

Someone carved this in the side of the rock cliff and it is a good reminder to us all!

Josiah reading some of the other carvings of previous passer-byers.

We came across several large nests of Daddy Long Legs (which didn't keep the attention of the girls for very long…)

Christina and Elisabeth enjoying a short sit-down break

Four sweet girls learning to be godly young women
Left to Right: Naomi H., Joanna, Sarah, Rachel H.

Getting towards the end

Two sweet friends

One sweet couple

Our awesome tour guide with one of his precious little boys, Daniel (wasn't paying attention, though)

Josiah and Sarah observing two lady bugs together

Two tired friends

Ah, supper at last!

Fixing plates for everyone.

Joseph enjoyed his cookies!
Munchin' on a pretzel
Cute boy!

Back in the "buggy" for the drive home

This is what we all felt like at the end of the day!

We had a grand time of fellowship, and fun action as well as good food! Our goal is to do one campout a month, so you'll most likely be hearing more about these types of fun occasions :) 

~ Anna*

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  1. What a great example of a family spending time together as they enjoy God's beautiful creation! The hiking pictures are so fun!