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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


~ Crack-About… and How to Play ~

Welcome to the description and explanation of one of our family's most favorite outdoor games. A relative to the well-known "Dodge-Ball", this sport brings quite a bit of 'spice', excitement, action, and competition to those who dare to engage in such a thrilling activity.

The object of the game is to be the last one still "in" by using the ball much like you would in dodge-ball to "tag" everyone else out. The person who is the last one left on the field/"in-zone" after everyone else is out is declared the winner.

Playing Rules:

1.) There must be definite playing
boundaries  large enough to accom-
modate the playing group, yet small
enough to keep everyone fairly together. Example: For a group of 10 grown
people a 50-by-50 size lot would be
advisable... although it depends much
on the space you have available and
how much you really want to play. :)


2.) The person with the ball may not walk with
the ball and must remain in the same location he                                       received the ball until he is relieved of the ball.                    

3.) The ball may NOT be aimed above a targeted
person's shoulders. We don't want to hurt anyone!

4.) When a person has been hit with the ball, they 
are  out and must proceed to the "out-of-bounds",
which should be a special location designated for 
"outs"-- i.e: a sidewalk, porch, tree, sand-box, side 
room (if in a gym or such), etc. -- and must remain 
there until someone is declared the winner.  

5.) When a person has thrown the ball, if someone 
catches his ball before it hits the ground, the person 
who threw the ball is out. Even if the ball bounces 
off one or more other persons before "the catch", 
if the ball is caught the thrower is out. (If it bounces
off a non-player -- a wall, a passerby, the dog -- the 
thrower is not out.)

6.) If the ball escapes out of bounds, the game is declared "times out" and an "out" person may 
retrieve the ball and throw it in. If there is no "out" person, a player may retrieve the ball and bring it
back in bounds.

7.) The ball is always "hot". It can be thrown by anyone who has it and tags out whoever (of the
players) it comes in contact with -- as in dodge-ball.

8.) Watch out for little ones! :) They are the most
sneaky players and have often been the winners…
and besides, you don't want to hurt any of these tiny

9.) Sometimes you may need a referee or two. :) It can get
confusing when playing with ladies with skirts (although
we count even that) or if a player did not feel the ball tag
him and occasionally an outsider's perspective is helpful.
Remember, it's just a game, so don't get too up-tight. :)

10.) Spice it up! :) Add your own memories to this game by throwing in some extra excitement. We'll share a few of our favorite variations which may capture your attention or fuel your own creativity.


* Throw in another ball or two…or three or four and play with several "hot" balls.

*Allow the thrilling challenge of "stealing balls".
This could get exciting, so a rule of thumb is: in
the act of stealing a ball, keep in mind that whoever
loses contact with the ball is out. Also, this is not
wrestling, so have a 5-sec. countdown and if the
opponent cannot obtain the ball from the original
holder before time, the "stealer" is out.

* Lengthen the game! When a person is tagged out, he must
run to"base" and be there when another player is tagged out,
then the first may re-enter the field. (This is our most common favorite variation.)

* When a person is tagged out, mark the one who tagged you
and remain on base until that person is tagged out before re-
entering the field. If you put yourself out -- dropped the ball,
slipped on the ball, it bounced off your target and hit you --
then from base, you must obtain the ball (or retrieve it from
out-zone) and tag someone out from out of bounds.

***Be a good sport! It's just a game and you can
have a blast if you keep a good attitude even in the 
"unfortunate" moments. I guarantee,  you'll have 
                        SO MUCH FUN!

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink,
 or whatsoever ye do, do all to the
glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31 


  1. Great game! I like the variation on re-entering due to some more athletic children speeding up the game :). May God continue to bless your family!

    1. Yes, that is our most common way of playing :) It seems to keep everyone's interest a lot longer!