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Thursday, December 4, 2014

In Everything Give Thanks...

By Anna
The day started with a bang as Charity celebrated her 13th birthday on Thanksgiving day this year! We are so thankful for her and the bright addition she is to our family! She is quite rapidly emerging into womanhood and is developing beautifully in the kitchen! She is a great hostess and  has the knack for finding good deals in shopping which is a big blessing for this family! Gardening has become a favorite and she dreams of someday living on a farm :) 

We Love You, Charity!

A Trip to Texas

On Thanksgiving day we were able to travel down to Texas to visit Mama's sister and her family. Her parents and her brother with his family all congregated there as well.

The crew peering out of their respective riding vessels :) Why two?? Well, "In this house lives our big family...there's always room for one more!" But now that seatbelt laws have been in place for 25+ years, a vehicle has it's limits. Therefore we take two since we all can't fit in one 15 passenger van any more!  

After a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving dinner,  Elisabeth shared a few pictures and memories of her recent trip. 
She also gave a very entertaining demonstration on "sales-folk" :)
Using a couple very good helpers to reenact the occurrence. :) Grandmama is in the back/middle, trying to 'get to where she is going', and quite crowded out by some rather obtrusive 'salesmen'.  

There was good conversation and interaction among the group late into the evening.
Cousins Joanna and Paige                   Elisabeth and Grandmama

Daniel LOVED the little dog! I think he had some influence from his new found friend and thought he was just like it. At least, he assumed he was welcome in the doggy cage. :)

The next day several of us took a jot to downtown McKinney and toured the lit streets as well as a few quaint shops... 

               Carolyn and Sarah welcome autumn           The often behind-the-scenes photographer, Anna   

At first, Amanda protested a modern-day carriage ride, but after being snugly tucked in with warm blankets, she smiled, cooed, then drifted off to dream of touring a quaint town. 

                        Elisabeth, admiring a few antiques     Laura and Daniel (he conked out)

(L) Ever dream of a whole shop full of candy growing up? Here it is!!  :) 
(R) Christina, the secondary photographer, and Laura with Daniel peering over her shoulder   

Tanya & her sister, Esther ~ that special bond lasts through the years!

Feasting, talking, playing, laughing, or just sitting around... life is good when your with the ones you love

On Saturday we all hung around a little bit and had a relaxing walk to the neighborhood park... and us ladies had a good time spectating an intense game of hockey between some very competitive young (and not-so young :) fellows! I think the one referred to in parenthesis would suggest using the hockey stick instead of your foot to stop the puck...it don't feel too good the other way! 

The younger ones had a blast playing with cousins in the sand at the play grounds, swinging and enjoying the commodities it had to offer :) 

                                           Daniel                                                     Joseph

Grandpapa and Grandmama had an early birthday present for Carolyn; they presented her with Great Grandmother's doll blanket she used to wrap her baby doll in the latter years of her life. It was a sweet time of celebrating Carolyn's life and remembering Grandmother who went home to be with the Lord a year ago this Thanksgiving season.

After we left their house, we stopped by Braums for a light treat-snack. The Lord also orchestrated it that we met some new friends there who were familiar with several contacts that we have which was neat! It is truly a small world, and God sure does know how to bring people together through the "smallest details" of circumstances! It was very encouraging to be able to visit with another family of like mindedness :) 

One thing Papa is very good at is giving the little ones an action break during travel. Stretching exercises and running races are staples, and after that the kids are ready to settle down for a "good night sleep" :)

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Esther's back yard provided a perfect picture backdrop, and we all had fun arranging and rearranging for different shots :)
Age Order

Height Order

All of us Children :)

                   Our Dear, most Wonderful Parents!!!                 This was a cute candid shot of Daniel 

And here is our newest, most-up-to-date family picture, you have probably noticed the difference as this is now the blog header :)

May this season of Thanksgiving never lose place in our hearts as we owe our very lives to God for everything the He as seen fit to bless us with! 
"(As it is written, He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever. Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness;) Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God." 
~ 2 Corinthians 9:9-11 ~

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  1. Anna, I'm nearly in tears at the way you presented our time together to preserve these precious memories!