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We are a real family seeking to serve a real and living God. Our desire and mission is to magnify and glorify God in our everyday life at home, church and abroad. Our goal is to help families understand what their purpose and design is in regards to the family; recognize the enemy for who he is and what he is doing; and to point families, both saved and unsaved, to Christ as to become living pictures of Christ and His bride and of God and His children. As families are strengthened the church will be strengthened, therefore, being a brighter light to a dark and hurting world.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Squirrely Scurries

By Elisabeth
So, the little guy was making his place of abode under our roof--which was not to our greatest fancy. After a while of chasing him and his friends out, Joshua decided to take care of the situation in a more enjoyable manner. Setting out a harmless cage trap, and with a few eager partners at his heals, he lurked out of sight from the little rodents and patiently awaited a grand catch. It didn't take long before his anticipations were rewarded! Papa, also, was thrilled with the results of the trapping expedition and declared the furry captive as a new family pet. 

For several weeks, Squirrel was a very peculiar source of entertainment...except for the time he snatched Papa's glasses that had been placed on top of the cage and generously reformed them to his heart's content. He did manage to escape from his designated residence a couple times, and it required an all out chase for the fellows to return him to his cage. They seemed to not appreciate when he would run free in our garage, so they wisely and creatively bound the door to freedom with a wire. However, the wild-at-heart could not reconcile himself to the fact of living confined.   

Did you know that a little squirrel can brake a metal bar, twist it around making a space of 1/2'' become 2 1/2'' and then stuff his plump little self through the provided hole to FREEDOM?
Once again, our ambitious pet found himself roaming the garage once more! 

 To all of you fond animal advocates, as soon as he is caught again he will be returned to his natural habitat...but NOT the roof! So you can give your best wishes that we can now retrieve him from the abundance of stuff--which we hope does not catch his interest before the open door!

"When thou saidst, Seek my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek."
~ Psalm 27:8 ~

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