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Friday, July 17, 2015

11 Years Later...

By Anna & Elisabeth
As we have already stated in the past posts, this trip is in many ways a re-play of what we did 11 years ago--with half the crew and half the size...but now with half the car trouble! Eleven years ago, through quite the sequence of events, the Lord led our family to the little town of San Andreas. It was here that our hearts were knit with the dear people of the community. Now, we return after so many years to reconnect with those dear friends.

These dear friends of ours were such gracious hosts during our first trip, and they were just as fabulous on this trip! As you can see in this picture taken 11 years ago, we were a bit younger the first time we stayed with them. We thoroughly enjoyed fellowshipping with the Hector family

On our last day in their home, they had a
cookout and invited many of the other dear friends that had been so much a part of our life when we lived in California several years ago.

The food was delicious, the fun times were
great, but the fellowship was priceless!

Here, several of the young ladies enjoy chatting over dinner.
A few more fun shots of interaction.

Someone brought a few photo albums of old times that many enjoyed reminiscing through.

More reminiscing through photo albums

Other shots of good interaction

It was such a blessing to see everyone again! We look forward to seeing what God has in store for each one in the days ahead.

"And the heavens shall praise thy 
wonders, O Lord: thy faithfulness 
also in the congregation of the saints."
~ Psalm 89:5 ~

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