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Monday, July 13, 2015

Experiencing the Grand Canyon

By Anna & Elisabeth
Approaching the golden skies or the Grand Canyon at Sunset 

Yes, Elisabeth finally drove a few miles...and did pretty good!

After setting up camp, when everyone else was asleep, Josiah and Joshua got up in the wee hours of morning, before dawn, and hiked down the Canyon to Plateau Point.

They had the bright experience to watch the sunrise from the middle of the Canyon!

Meanwhile, Papa, Joanna, Caleb, and Joseph watch the sunrise from the rim.

Then, those brave guys hiked back up to meet up wit the rest of the family.

Breakfast sure was good! Nothin' like camp'n cook'n!!!

While the sun was still soft and the air still filled with the freshness of morning, the whole family hiked down a little ways. The Canyon sure gets big when you go below the rim!

Take'n a brake and enjoying the view. 

On the way back up, we were passed by three mule trains. 
I think some wished they could have hopped on for an easy ride!

The view was spectacular!!!! Photos just don't do it justice--see it yourself!

There's just something serene about acquainting with nature and basking in the marvelous handiwork of the Creator!

Papa, Joseph, Caleb, Joshua, Josiah

Various folks find their means of relaxing... 
I think you can pick out the ones who were up the earliest and exerted the most energy!

Now this is how real men camp--split their own wood and start their own fires!

And little girls know what to do with the men's fires...roast s'mores!

Chill'n, roast'n, cook'n, and clean'n...camp'n is one of the best ways to spend vacation!

After the enjoyable day and relaxing evening, we all faced the upcoming stretch of the journey that was not as cheerfully anticipated--driving through the Mojave Desert. On the last Big West Trip, this is the part where a divers assortment of vehicle difficulties began. In effort to avoid such disturbance, we determined to conquer this section during the night. So, instead of bedding down in our tents, the youngest ones went to sleep while we packed up the camp. We pulled out from the site just before midnight.

After driving several hours, as well as pulling over for a 2-hour snooze in the wee hours, the sun began to rise on the desert horizon. The temperatures in the area were predicted to reach 116*F by the afternoon, and even in the early morning the temps were at 85*F. We drove like mice running from a mad cat!

"He found him in a desert land,
and in the waste howling wilderness;
he led him about, he instructed him,
he kept him as the apple of his eye."
~ Deuteronomy 32:10 ~ 

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