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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

His Glory Among the Islands

By Anna & Elisabeth
One fun day in Washington, we took some extra time to explore the San Juan Islands. 
We boarded a ferry and sailed out to one of the farthest islands. 

It was a great activity for everyone and we thoroughly enjoyed the water and beautiful scenery!

Laura & Daniel                                               Anna & Amanda

Here is a perfect picture of our parents demonstrating the important role they play in our family--together, facing the same direction, looking out into future...

Along with good ole' American sweets, it was neat to also interact with some folks from where Elisabeth had been in India. They had fun discussing bits of culture, foods, and also trying out a few Hindi sentences.

On Orcas Island, we were able to drive around, touring the island, then we stopped at a beautiful, hidden lake to have a picnic and splash around.

Getting ready to canoe.

Enjoying the crystal-clear water!

Mama, preparing lunch. Mmmmm!!!

A few made good use of the rented boats before lunch.

A hungry crew!!

...And a 'sweet' baby! (Someone gave her a cookie!)

More making waves and spreading ripples.

Papa & Josiah shake hands after swimming to and from a small island 
about a 1/2 mile out in the lake. 

What a day! The three snoozers here were quite conked out after such excitement!

~ The Ice-Cream Shoppe ~
What better way to finish off the day than at the ice-cream shop!

No one can quite eat this cold delicacy like little children!

~ Back on the Ferry ~
This has memories too. Several years ago, when our home was among the islands, we used to get up early in the morning to go to another island to help with some work and when the ferry would stop here at Orcas, we would run off, grab breakfast in the little shop, then run back on the ferry before it left for the next island. So, for old times sake, we went on as pedestrians. 

Daniel bids the island 'farewell!'

     Mama & Papa talking...            ...Ooo! Caught!...        ...And smiling!

Watching the sunset.

Hey, look! Two more ferries!                Someone's watching us!

These islands hold many fond memories, and we were blessed to add more to the treasure!

"Let them give glory unto the Lord,
and declare his praise in the islands."
~ Isaiah 42:12 ~


  1. That is so beautiful. Thank you for posting. Where do y'all live.
    God bless

    1. God's creation most certainly is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to contact us or ask any further questions in the "Drop us a note" box located at the top of this post on the left. May the Lord bless you!