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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On Your Mark, Get Set...Go!

By Anna and Elisabeth

Howdy, folks! As the exciting summer months have rolled in, bringing their warmth and wonders with them, we have embarked on one of the greatest adventures of all time in our family's life. I say, "one of the greatest adventures" because in many ways, this is not a first. On this trip, which will be shared in the next few posts, we will retrace our steps and revisit many of the landmarks that have played in to making us who we are. Yet, this time, our family is quite a bit larger than it was when we first set out on a journey like this. So, pick one of the two vehicles--since we all won't fit into one--and come along for the ride! Remember, vacation is a mindset, not a destination.

~ Preparing ~

First off, when a big family takes a trip--or anyone for that matter--there is usually a LOT of packing. But who would you expect to find skipping out on the work and snoozing in the finished efforts of others--the family cat!

Big sister, Laura, knows just when the little ones need a story--a huge blessing to the bigger workers as well!

The essentials of a trip is your pillow and SNACKS!!! :-)

A little fellow asked Elisabeth, "Do you do puzzles?" She replied, "Not usually, but when we go on a trip, then I do a puzzle of packing the car!"

Both vehicles were packed tight, but we were able to do without a trailer and the seating areas were still clear!

 When something big is about to happen, there's always an obstacle...
The night before we were scheduled to head out, our faithful dryer gave out. Papa put in a few extra midnight hours to see about possible repair, however such a quest was too complex for the time he had to bestow due to the type of mechanics with which it was designed. So, at the last minute, the morning we were loading up, he found a dryer not to far away and had it delivered to the house. The gentleman brought the 'new' dryer and took the old one within an hour of our departure!


~ Load 'em up and head 'em out! ~

With five girls in one car and eleven folks in the van, this trip was sure to be an adventure!

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, 
he shall direct thy paths."
~ Proverbs 3:6 ~

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  1. Happy Travels, We look forward to watching your trip. :)

    Phillips family